What is freight?

Freight is simply defined, “any goods that are transported by truck, train, ship, or aircraft.” Freight, quite literally, transports all sorts of goods and is the reason you can walk into a store today and buy the latest product, whether it is the new Iphone or your groceries.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes. Once your goods are picked up by the freight carrier, you will be emailed a tracking number from 3rd Cargo.

Why do i have to pay upfront?

We need your payment up front because freight carriers expect to be paid before they ship. It is similar to going to the post office and mailing a letter. You pay for the postage before you mail the letter.

Nice idea, but does this really work?

Yes, in fact over one million people have used CED to save up to 75% on their deliveries.

How do I know the transport provider is trustworthy?

CED operates as a middleman, the Escrow System confers insurrance for Sellers and Buyers also. Also, every transport provider on CED is sent an tracking number, so their physical location has been verified before they can quote.

Are you going to bug me with sales phone calls?

No, all quotes come to you via email, so you can review them when it’s convenient to you. You will receive no telephone communication unless you actually choose a quote / book a service. In fact we won’t even ask you for your phone number on this contact form.We use your phone number only to inform you about your delivery.

What about insurance?

Yes, you have insurance for your items. You can select to have additional insurance through a third party insurance carrier or check your renter’s insurance policy to see if they will cover your items.

Is shipping via freight safe?

Shipping via freight is very safe. We only use professional, local, and insured moving companies to palletize your items. They use certified padding to ensure the safety of your items.

What if I do have a damage?

Damages are extremely rare with our service because of well your items are packed however, if you do have a damage please contact us.

How long does the process take?

Quotes are entered manually by transport providers. So, in order to receive all of the best quotes we recommend allowing 1-2 days for them to come in. However, it is really not uncommon to get a great deal within 20 minutes.

Urgent or Valuable parcel to send?

You can be sure your urgent, valuable or important items will arrive safely either before 9am or 1pm – Guaranteed, or your money back.

If you sell online, impress your customers by getting their parcel to them the next day
Secure network for an even safer delivery
Track & Trace: from the moment your parcel leaves your hands to the moment it arrives at its destination

You can also benefit from:

Signed for: view the signature online or via your mobile, just 10 minutes after your item is delivered
Money back: if it’s not delivered on time or doesn’t correspond as description, you’ll get your money back

We do not release the money to the Seller until the parcel has been received and accepted by the Buyer. This provides online buyers the opportunity to inspect the package before sellers are paid. See how CED ESCROW works, STEP-BY-STEP