Netherland Netherlands, Rotterdam    31-12-2017,    10:42 AM              Krista van Leeuwen   

Very nice delivery agent! Last working day of the year, but he enjoyed it. I brought my car from Munich, Germany in less than one working day. Excellent delivery service for vehicles, 10+.. My Mini Cooper comes covered by a protection canvas, so there was no need to wash it, considering that all the car washes were closed in the new Year’s Eve! Happy New Year to all staff!!!feedback                          



   FranceFrance, Bordeaux    28-12-2017,    11:18 AM              Jean Pierre BOUCHARD    

It was recommended by one of my friends, and I also recommend it further. It’s second time when I used them and I’m very impressed they remember my name! Very helpful staff. feedback                         




 Italy  Italy, Pescara    24-12-2017,    04:38 PM              Franco Giuseppucci    

Great that the team working on Saturday afternoon, considering that I had a Christmas gift to offer.. very impressed and grateful! Merry Christmas!!!                    



  Poland Poland, Warsaw    23-12-2017,    02:46 PM              Mathilde Bossard  

Excellent!.. even it was the holidays period, they had no delay. Thanks for the services!  feedback



SpainSpain, Barcelona    12-12-2017,     03:21 PM              Jose Antonio Peinador   

Very easy and convenient to work with them, even if I am not an excellent english speaker. The delivery agent could speak spanish, so everything went fast and easy.

Muy fácil y conveniente para trabajar con ellos, incluso si no soy un excelente locutor Inglés. El agente de entrega podía hablar español, así que todo fue rápido y fácil. Gracias!feedback




 SloveniaSlovenia, Ljubljana    05-12-2017,    04:52 PM              Peter Stjepanivic                              

I bought some professional machines from UK and I was very satisfied about how they were packed and moved in my workshop. The little delay of 55 minutes was because of the rush hour. Nothing to complain.. they have my feedback! Thanks!feedback




GermanyDeutschland, Stuttgart    23-11-2017,    12:45 PM              Angeletta  Muller                                         

Very professional staff, they allowed me to check the merchandise and open the package at the arrival. It’s so handy to get parcels delivered when you are at work and you don’t need to find any delivery offices. I’m so glad my colleague told me about them. I bought an industrail machine from overseas and I was worried, but I was very happy after the





Slovakia, Košice   08-11-2017,    01:42 PM              Ján Kozák                                               

Good communication with the staff. I bought some tires, auto parts and accessories from Netherlands and my money have been secured until I opened the packages and see that the products are in perfect shape. I recommend their services.





USAUSA, Denver    25-10-2017,    10:16 PM              Francesco Giallini                                 

Friendly staff and good services. I bought a machinery from Germany and it was very good packed for the transport. It was delivered on time that they specified, very good



CroatiaCroatia, Zagreb    04-10-2017,    02:41 PM              Josip Marko                                               

Great services. It was very easy to transport my car, the truck driver was very kind and communicative and let me know exactly the delivery time. I looked around a little bit for the best delivery prices, and they are excellent regarding this



PolandPoland, Katowice    22-09-2017,    05:51 PM              Jannah Mieszko                                                           

It was first time when I bought a car from internet. Very good delivery system and payment secured. They also accepted to make a test drive at the delivery of the vehicle. I will use them again without any



GermanyGermany, Hamburg    09-09-2017,    11:38 AM                Johann Reinhard                    

The delivery has been done in schedule, the transport agent was very kind with us. Thanks!.. feedback



France France, Paris    29-08-2017,    06:27 PM              Clavier Stéphane – Morancez            

Excellent delivery system, the delivery time was 3-5 business days, but they called me in the morning of the 3rd day to announce the delivery.. even I wasn’t at home they were very flexible and wait for me more than 2 hours.. very professional ! feedback