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In many countries it is possible to grant CED a signature release authorisation. CED then leaves parcels at an agreed location – for example, in a garage or on a patio. This is especially useful for recipients who cannot accept their parcel in person. This way they are completely independent from the exact delivery time.

Granting a signature release authorisation

The procedure for granting a signature release authorisation varies from country to country. However, the basic principle is simple: Fill out the form – not forgetting your signature – and attach it to the front door or near the doorbell so that it is clearly visible. Alternatively, you can simply hand the signature release authorisation to a CED driver so that it applies to all future deliveries.

Two types of authorisation

CED differentiates between one-off and general signature release authorisations. In the case of a one-off signature release authorisation, the driver only leaves the next CED parcel sent by a specific sender at the specified location. All other parcels are delivered as usual. If a general authorisation is issued, CED will deposit all future parcels at the specified location.

Revoking a signature release authorisation

The recipient can revoke a signature release authorisation at any time. Sending an informal, signed letter to the nearest CED depot is sufficient.