CED Escrow Service in 5 simple steps:

1- The Buyer and Seller agree to terms of CED.
After registering of the Seller at Cargo Express Delivery (CED), both parties agree to the terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the product, sale price, number of days for the Buyer’s inspection of the product, and any shipping information.

2- The Seller brings the product to the CED.
Before payment request, the CED is authorized to inspect, verify and approve the product and after that submit tracking information to the Buyer. CED verifies that the Buyer receives the informations of delivery (Tracking Number, Payment Invoice).

3- The Buyer pays CED.
The Buyer submits a payment by selecting Bank Transfer. CED verifies the payment. Processing time varies by payment method.

4- The Buyer inspects and accepts the product.
The Buyer has a set number of days to inspect the package and the option to accept or reject the product.
What if the Buyer doesn’t accept the package?
A full refund will be made to the buyer, by Transporter or by Bank Transfer, depends of the price of selling!

5- The Seller is paid by CED.
Cargo Express Delivery pays the Seller by Bank Transfer or Money Transfer. The transaction is complete.

Safety & Security:

1- How does 3rd Cargo 3rd Party Services protect the Seller?
CED 3rd Party Services protects sellers by verifying all buyer purchase funds up front before any exchange of items takes place. Not only does this eliminate the risk of non-payment or insufficient funds, but also guarantees serious buyers – not just window shoppers.

2- How does 3rd Cargo 3rd Party Services protect the Buyer?
Both members agree the transaction conditions that will be provided by CED 3rd Party Services Team.

3- Is my personal information safe?
CED 3rd Party Services secures all of our user’s information using 256-bit SSL encryption. Additionally, no banking information is shared between the buyer or seller and is only held with 3rd Cargo 3rd Party Services for the duration of the transaction. For additional information, click here to contact a CED 3rd Party Services representative.

4- When do trustee funds get released?
CED 3rd Party Services only releases trustee funds at the specific requests of both the buyer and seller. Both parties should agree upfront in the transaction detail when it is expected for the funds to be released.


Once the goods are shipped
Once the transportation company confirms pick-up
Once the goods are received and inspected by the buyer